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Beyond the Human:
AI-Powered Algorithmic Investment Strategies

In these modern times of the 21st century, many trading companies are now relying on AI-driven technologies to make the most out of their investments.


In this article, we dive deeper into the impact of AI in the trading world. We look at some modern trading strategies being adopted by modern firms to invest in stocks and other assets.

Jan 21



Metaverses. A glance at the nearest future

The metaverses is reality, not the future. Hundreds of thousands of people are already using what Mark Zuckerberg is just going to create. While large companies are only evaluating prospects and hiring employees, there are projects in the industry that have been working for many years.

Dec 24



Technology Commands The Terms. How Hedge Funds Are Adapting to Modern Realities

Contemporary computing power has improved our daily life, entered many areas of the economy and industry. Hedge funds were no exception.

Let’s figure out what modern hedge fund is and why they hire math specialists.

Dec 8

In recent years, the trend towards responsibility and environmental friendliness has spread to the investment sector. As a result, the concept of ESG emerged. This article will tell you what it is, why it is needed and how it affected business around the world.



ESG Principles: What Are They and Why Should Companies Comply with Them?

Dec 4

Hedge funds are a more relevant name in the modern financial management industry. In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about hedge funds, alternative investments, and how hedge funds work as alternative investments. Let’s dive in.



Hedge Funds as Alternative Investments: Everything You Need to Know

Dec 1



Digital Assets. A Step into New Era Economy

The global economy offers new types of investment instruments in the era of digital transformation. This article discusses in detail the topic of digital assets, in what form they exist, and what real projects operate based on digital assets.

Dec 16